Christian monk snarls at pagan lesbian couple: We used to burn people like you

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A CHRISTIAN monk has pleaded guilty to harassing a lesbian couple who told him they were pagan witches. Brother Damon Kelly snarled at the pair: "We used to burn people like you." The member of a tiny Catholic group called the Black Hermits had posted a leaflet against homosexuality through the couple's door. But the monk, who has taken vows of poverty and chastity, became "aggressive and fanatical" when one of the shocked women tried to hand it back. Two weeks later the 53-year-old, posted a letter to them describing their sexuality as being "part of the devil's madness", a court heard. The monk - who claimed he was "doing God's work" as he handed out leaflets on homosexuality and abortion - has now admitted harassing the couple and is awaiting sentence.
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