Bollywood film on witch hunting to highlight cruelty against women

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“None of the performing or visual arts have influenced the life and living of the Indians in the world like the Bollywood film industry. As such, I preferred to air my views on the rampant social evil of ailing women of the country in the orthodox society,” said Myanak Srivastav, director of a socially relevant feature film, ‘Kala Sach—The Black Truth’, which is scheduled to release on August 7. Lead actor Himani Shivpuri, icon actor of top TV serials, was also present. Himani Shivpuri shared woman had been extolled as an angle and a boon of prosperity in the world as enunciated in our epics and scriptures. Based on a true story, the film, produced by Jitendra Soni, highlights the cruelty and inhumane treatment to the women in the name of witch hunting. Though an old-age ritual, it has been used for exploiting women on petty excuses in twelve states of the country, despite the country gained independence in 1947, said Himani.
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