A love spell for $400? No wonder witches are cursing Etsy’s ban on magick

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Horned Goddammit! Etsy – the online marketplace for goods handmade by people among whom the proportion of talent to enthusiasm varies to an almost dizzying degree – has recently revised its selling regulations and outlawed all magical (or to use the handmade spelling preferred by its vendors, magickal) goods. Spells, hexes, curses – “any metaphysical service that promises it will effect a physical change (eg weight loss) or other outcome (eg love, revenge) is not allowed.” Previously such sales were allowed, as long as they were accompanied by a tangible item (a candle, perhaps, or a crocheted dreamcatcher, or an embossed tin token to improve the efficacy of your mumbo-jumbo). This was presumably for complicated legal reasons that, one suspects, ultimately boil down to allowing the site to escape accusations of perpetrating – or perpetuating, depending on where you like to draw the line – fraud.
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