Festival Celebrates The Start of Summer

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People gathered under the sun of the year's longest day to celebrate the summer solstice at Heritage Port, kicking off the 2015 Summer Solstice Celebration for what the organizers hope to be the first of many to come. The 12-hour festival, also called Litha Fest after the Wiccan midsummer celebration, attracted spiritualists and outdoor lovers from across the area from as far away as Pittsburgh. Tor Hershman, who spent much of the afternoon sunbathing, described the celebration as an expression of the way life should be.
Quote of the moment:
The Jetdillo Project: 2000 pounds of steel, 20,000 pounds of thrust. One pair of very dark shades. The world's first fully cybernetic, SSTO-capable armadillo. Coming soon from Armadillo Labs. The Dasypian Future begins tommorrow...

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