Discovering long-lost secrets for waking the dead, becoming invisible

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Crave's Eric Mack travels to the middle of the far northern ocean to track down the lost magic arts, and discovers he never wants to wear "necropants." HOLMAVIK, Iceland -- Now that another season of "The Walking Dead" has drawn to a close, how will you get your fix of fresh zombie action for the next several months? According to centuries-old Icelandic lore, all you need is a piece of oak, a grave that's easy to ascend from, and something sharp to prick the big toe of your right foot and the thumb of your left hand. That's the start of the simple recipe for waking the dead that I came across at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft here in the tiny, remote fishing village of Holmavik in the Westfjords (if you think of the island as being shaped like a duck, the northwest section would be its head).
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The meek will inherit the earth; the rest of us will go to the stars.

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