The Pagan Library
Sat, Jun 15 2024

Treasure Hunt

James L. Dean

Playing Instructions:

The objective of this game is to bring all the treasures to the starting point while visiting all the locations in the smallest number of moves. Hint: the distance from one room to the next is always the same.

This adventure-like game was inspired by a program given by Roger Chaffee in his article "Quest" published in the July 1979 issue of Byte. Unlike that program, this program allows multiple treasures and playin four dimensions. In addition, at the beginning of a game, this program allows the player to specify a game number that changes the connections between the locations in an unpredictable manner. Thus, the player has a whole series of games at his disposal.

This program was originally written in 1979 in Basic for a TANO Corporation Outpost having 64K of memory.  A later version waswritten in COBOL for CICS on an IBM Mainframe. This version is written in Java.

James L. Dean